"It is the clarity of your intuition and the openness of your heart that engages the client's Spirit to heal." --Janet Mentgen

What a day!

I received the following story from my dear friend, Margaret, and I am sharing it here with her permission
This will knock your socks off... On Friday John (my husband) and I went to a place called Long Beach on the west side of Vancouver Island. I love to go there as I find it a very spiritual place, the Pacific Ocean, old growth forest, whales and eagles. We parked our beach chairs and John decided to go back to the car for the sunshade. While he was gone I started to connect with the spirits, calling in the spirit of the ocean, wind, forest and air and Mother Earth. I asked for a healing for myself... I started to vibrate and thought "Oh no, I'm going to get whammed  with energy"...problem was, the chair was vibrating as well. I checked the beach and the shells and seaweed were still but my chair kept rocking and rolling. I spotted John and screamed at him to sit down. When he did, he could feel the shaking as well. We were experiencing what turned out to be a 6.4 earthquake. John couldn't feel it when he was walking on the soft sand. The shaking went on for over a minute, then calmed and then started again but not as strong. John started to panic a bit as we were in a tsunami evacuation area. I told him we would be Ok. I then sat on the sand, drew my symbols over the earth and gave a Reiki treatment to the earth. The Earth energy coming into my root chakra was very strong. I told John what I had been doing (calling on the spirits) immediately before the tremors and his reaction was, "You must have dialed the wrong number!"
When things settled down, we both went down to the ocean to get our feet wet. A wave came straight towards us, not very high but rushing towards us like it was on a mission with a message..."you're back" it told me.
Moral of the story...be careful what you ask for.
by Margaret Race

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