"It is the clarity of your intuition and the openness of your heart that engages the client's Spirit to heal." --Janet Mentgen

Proverbial First Blog

Here in the now, in my illusion of reality, I am writing in gratitude as I walk my healing path of gratitude. My lesson is to embrace my fears and to share what I have learned, and as I do I am healing and growing. Ah, yes, I still have so much more to do, and so I begin here at Gold'n Light Healing.

I have learned that change is the only thing I can count on. It is the only constant. I know that it’s not the choices that I’ve made, but the reason I've made those choices that’s really important. I have always questioned everything…it allows me to continue to learn and most importantly, not to believe everything I am told. How can I ever know the truth if I don’t ask questions? So, I continue to ask why, or how or really?
I am at peace, and I am no longer afraid of what the future has in store for me. My path has been a difficult one, filled with many obstacles, physical and emotional pain, loss, loneliness, heartbreak to name a few; but now I am so much stronger and wiser, and I know what I have to do. It's all becoming so clear to me. I am ready, and I am letting go....of the outcome, because it really will be okay.

And so, my journey begins...please join me as I write about my adventures in healing. Thanks for stopping by Gold'n Light!

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