"It is the clarity of your intuition and the openness of your heart that engages the client's Spirit to heal." --Janet Mentgen

The Gift of Golden Light

I was studying 'Light Touch Therapy' with Susan Schwartz at Star Mountain Center in Denver, Colorado. It was a magical place, with a crystal room for ceremony, meditation, shamanic journeying, among other things. Each person was cleansed with sage smoke before entering and then proceeding in a clockwise pattern only. There was an amazing copper room. The walls, ceiling and floor covered in sheets of copper. I could feel the electrifying energy and it seemed to intensify the healing energy. 

It was actually in the crystal room during a meditation when I had a vision of Golden Light. I had been given an Atlanteen crystal to hold during the meditation and I could see myself standing with my arms spread open wide as I looked to the heavens, with this wonderful Golden Light streaming down from above and entering my crown chakra and filling my body. After the meditation, it was the custom to go around the room with each person sharing their experience but only if they chose to. At the time I chose not to because I have found that with new information, it takes a few days to fully integrate it into my awareness. I did not realize how significant an event this was until later, but it changed my life, and I have been using this wonderful, warming Golden Light in my healing practice ever since. 

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